Are we all just actors…on a stage created by ourselves

Wishing a very wonderful Saturday morning to all you sofa surfers. Some of you may know I started a pledge of sobriety for 90 days….I am currently on day 11. I can feel the creativity flowing back. Here’s a short post following my Saturday morning muse…..see what happens when I don’t have alcohol to numb my brain!

“Are we all just actors? A character we have created block by block. Every day we wake up and get ready as if we are going onto a stage. We do our hair, we do our make up. Every day we are interviewed by others, and we interview them. Mostly, we act how we think other people want to perceive us. Playing that character…or whatever character fits for that day “mother”, “student”, “funny friend”, “caring friend”, “employee” etc… or playing all of your characters at different points in one day. With so many ‘characters’ who really are you? Most of what makes up ‘you’ is created by you. And, yet the most pure version of you is locked away, with only the necessary parts peeking 🌱through to allow you to play your role.”

Thank you for joining the social sofa…wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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5 thoughts on “Are we all just actors…on a stage created by ourselves”

  1. Interesting 🙂 Yes we have so many different roles and responsibilities.. so who are we or who are we more or most.. + this perception can be changing depending on many different factors, right?

    On one of the job interviews (top business company, US) they ask candidates always a question: define yourself in one word. I used to think that it’s so ridiculous to ask about such a thing. It’s impossible to describe anyone just in one word! The interviewers believe though that if you know yourself well, if you are have a stable personality and know what you want from life you should be able to specify in one word who you are/what you feel like.
    Now I actually find it very interesting, although I still dont know what word I’d use to describe myself….I’d like to say a writer but I’m not really there yet and is it fair to put your career/passion- related dream/goal/interest above descriptions such as: “mother”? ..

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    1. I’d say to call yourself a writer is a label, same as ‘mother’ etc. If you’ve ever read or watched Eat, pray, love there’s a scene where Liz is asked what word describes her. It took her months to come up with it…after she tried to describe herself by roles and responsibilities. I’d probably say ‘changeable’ haha…i don’t think that would get me the job though 😂 but I don’t think we ever stay the same


      1. Haha 🙂 yes but then thats what as you say describes human nature in general. We are all changable to some extend. A friend of mine replied to this question: perfectionist. Its interesting to see different views.

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  2. Totally 🙂 we could just go all out and say ‘goddess’ as in ‘i am capable of anything’ I think a lot of us forget how amazing we actually are and just what you can achieve when you focus. We’ve just got to love life and ourselves, everything else will follow ❤


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