So you think you know me?

Welcome to Not Freud’s Couch. Grab a brew or a glass of wine, and get comfy. The other morning I wrote this short post which came to me rather inconveniently as I was getting ready to do the school run. However, like with anything…if I did not get it down at that time…it would have never been captured and would have passed me by. Post edifying, here it is, I hope you enjoy it.

The more I delve into my social psychology studies, the more I realise it’s not what you see on the surface or the outside of the person that defines who they are, it’s more about what is deep within. No matter how much you think you know a person, it is never possible to know a whole person. It’s like each person is made up of a billion stars and you might know 150 of those stars.

Some people are more giving and open than others…so with them you might you 152 of those billion stars that make them up as a person.

You will never know their deepest thoughts or fears, as we ourselves do not know them either, burried away in the deepest depths of our pure existence, usually for our own protection, and perhaps the protection of others.

You will never know their fleeting thoughts, as they walk up a street and take in their surroundings; and their thoughts as they look at the faces of the people passing by.

You will never know their dreams or nightmares, even if they recall them to you; they are already another version of that very same dream or nightmare.

The sounds they hear, the things they smell, the love or hatred or other emotions they feel inside, the things they feel and how they feel them. You will NEVER know. You can have a similar experience but you will never have the same or repeat experience as anyone else.

Our human experience is an individual one, but one in which we are all connected by a big web of emotional ties and cords. But as for ‘knowing’ humans all we can do is observe what is going on on the outside, for the inside is it’s own universe within a galaxy of humans.

Thank you for joining the social sofa, see you next time!

Much Love,

Not Freud’s Couch

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