Do I need a Life Coach?

Coaching is nothing new, but more and more it is becoming something a little more mainstream.  But, do we really even have a clue what a life coach does?  Perhaps the answer to this is made more difficult as each coach can specialise in different areas, and offer different services. 
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So…what is a life coach?

A life coach is someone who helps to empower and support others. Their main aim is helping them to make, meet and exceed personal and/or professional goals. This could include improving your work/life balance, improving relationships, helping you to achieve a certain goal in your career, business or physically….as well as things such as improving your self esteem or happiness, or helping to ‘detox’ your life by giving helping you to prioritise the important things in your life, and help you eradicate the things that are no longer serving you.

Clients are provided with ‘tools’ and ‘strategies’ to overcome or achieve their goals.  Many of us have so many dreams, but most are unfulfilled as we approach it from a position of ‘fear’….”what if I fail?” or worst still… one person tells you it is a bad idea, and that is enough to knock you off the path. How many times have you been talked out of something, or talked yourself out of it? I bet its a fair few!

A life coach helps you past your point of ‘fear’ and through your comfort zone….on to success!

Coaching is a great journey for many clients, as a key point is the client ultimately changes things for themselves, once they are shown the necessary tools, and find the commitment to do so.  A coach is a guide, which ultimately supports the client through the change.

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There appears to be an abundance of coaches…how do I know who to choose? 

Coaches offer many different styles as well as specialise in specific areas.  The type of coach you would choose would depend upon the area of your life you wish to improve.  If you wanted to learn how to be more empathetic for example, then you would chose a coach who specialises in emotional intelligence.  Equally if you wanted someone who would help you start or grow a business then you would want to hire a coach who can help you through that process.

One of the main reasons for having a coach can be to help reduce the everyday stresses, and help you to become more resilient

Coaching styles are different from coaching techniques. Techniques are the practices used by the coach during sessions for example, NLP, goal mapping, linguistic and psycho dynamic models, holistic approaches etc.

Are there areas in your life you want to improve? 

Perhaps its time to look for a life coach…but only when you are ready!

Are you ready to find a coach?

You will know when the time is right for you to hire a coach.  it can often be overwhelming, especially when you have no idea where to find a coach.  The best thing may be to take your time, do some research about the coaches available, decide whether you would prefer face-to-face, Skype or online sessions.  Once you have decided to go ahead with coaching, reach out, as majority of coaches will speak to you and advise you if they feel they could be the right coach for you before you have to commit to anything.

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What do you think about life coaching?  What areas of life would you be interested in improving?

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